Yarn has fascinated me for years. I learned to crochet at age nine and then took many years off from until 2012 when I fell back in love with it. I began learning to knit about three years ago and though my crafting took a turn in a different direction, I still love fiber arts and I sell my handmades in my Etsy store. I also like sharing tips and techniques I've learned along the way.


Essential Crochet Knitting Notions You Need

Of course to crochet and knit, you need more than the hooks and needles. There's other tools that are very handy and today's post is a tribute to them in this roundup, because without them it be pretty tricky to make a nice fabric...

My Hats for Sale on Etsy

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Crocheting and Knitting for Selling

Since I started selling my crochets and knits at the local art center, I've really had to think of my craft different… read the full article >>

How I Alter a Crochet Pattern

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