Creating is my life! I’ve worked in various industries throughout my career, but I think this is the best place I’ve ever been in. I'm not doing this full time YET, but that’s a goal I’m working hard at.

Making the Career Change

For a long time, I wanted to move from graphic / web design into an art form that I could do with my hands so I prayed for years for that to happen. It didn’t happen until we left the East Coast and came here to the Pacific Northwest. It started with crocheting and knitting for a few years until my shoulders and hands gave up the ghost! So, now it's transitioned to cardmaking. It's a new art for me as the products and technology have changed. I created my first card collection in 2018 and I'm really happy that I can sell them locally and online.

My Current Projects

Before I got wise and bought my domain, I had separate blogs for all the projects I was doing which became time consuming to keep up with and in the end made no sense. Plus, I needed to brand myself and focus on one area. I had cooking, fashion, and lifestyle blogs all of which are great but not at the same time! And in the end, I'm a crafter. That's where I want to be. I dropped those blogs and re-worked my business plan.

My crafting is here. All the other places where I sell crafts all connect up back here. My main trust is making handmade greeting cards for sale. The blog portion is a combination of business, crafting and lifestyle. This website is broken down into several areas:

  1. Etsy. This is where I sell online for all my handmade crafts. My card collections are here as well as crochets and knits. Etsy offers me a platform for showcasing my work to more potential customers than just local sales.
  2. Limited Edition Inspirational T-shirts. I created a small collection of 24 inspiration tees called, "I am not..." These initially were phrases that I designed and shared on social. Hubby got wind of it and persuaded me to put these on t-shirts and sell them through Amazon. I'm not making any new t-shirts, however this collection will be available as long as possible.
  3. The Shop. Besides crafting, I love fashion, cooking and beauty but I wanted a way to hand pick the products I buy and recommend. After a long time researching, I found an affiliate program that I joined which allows me to promote those items from various brands/companies. The shop is categorized into sections: (a) The Yarn Shop, (b) Notions - crochet/knit accessories; (c) Arts and Crafts supplies; (d) Fashion Accessories; (e) The Dress Shop; (f) The Beauty Shop; (g) Crafty Classes; (h) The Cookware Store and (i) Scarves/Wraps/Shawls.
  4. My Faith. On this page, I share my faith and a bit more about how I came to know Jesus. A couple years back, I started my blog, Growing Up in Grace, to share my faith and how God’s grace fills me. I gave my life to Jesus in 1985 and through those years I have seen my faith go up and down. Still, I know what my life was like before then and it was not pretty. Jesus saved me from chronic manic depression, suicide and self-destruction and heavy metal. He’s helps me overcome growing up in fear and anguish. His Grace is what I love to write about and I also am open about my struggles with nervous anxiety.

Throughout my walk, I've overcome many adversities from losing my first husband, my parents/grandparents all within a year or two of each other and just recently my brother. There's been many lessons I've learned and still learning. But, my goal is to inspire and uplift. Being a Christian doesn't mean you do everything right, but it means to keep trying.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line on my Contact page! Blessings to you!