I began writing "Growing Up in Grace" to share my faith and my struggles as a Christian. I share some of my posts from that blog in this section.


20 God's Life Lessons I've Learned

Many times I've read bloggers write about their life's lessons and even listing them. I, too have done that cause I think it's important to recount what you learn.

But, I rarely see blog posts listing what we've learned by walking with God. So, my list today combines what I've learned from and about Him...

Left Behind

A week ago, I was really sick...so much so that I had no energy to do much of anything. So, I spent most of the time resting… read the full article >>

Through the Eyes of a Little Girl

When I was a small girl, my outlook on the world was very different. I was inquisitive, searching, learning, taking ever… read the full article >>

Giving Back to The Lord

Hannah in the Bible did it. Abraham almost did it. David had to do it. What am I talking about? Giving something back to… read the full article >>

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