I started My Journey to a Healthier Me back in 2018 not mainly because I needed to lose weight from a 2x size but because my body was in so much pain. I added exercise and weaned myself off bad sugars and carbs to lose about 50 lbs., and dropped down to a medium / large size. These posts document my road to a better me and it's not over yet...


25 Reasons Why I Want to Lose Weight

Today, I was reading a post from the Sparkpeople Community Highlights blog that owns the Healthy Recipes app I wrote about in this post. The article was about a woman sharing why she wants to lose weight. Some of her reasons I could really relate to. Although she mentioned wanting to walk with her grandchildren and I don't have kids, I could still understand where she was coming from. Not too long ago, I couldn't walk without a lot of pain. If you want to read her story, click here. And, if you want to download the app, click here. They have a LOT of healthy recipes...

The Grinding Years

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Healthy Recipe: Broccoli Pie

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My Journey to a Healthier Me Series

WOW, this is the beginning of my 4th week walking everyday and it didn't dawn on me until yesterday to write about it… read the full article >>

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